TulAmmo .223REM 55GR FMJ 1000 Round Case


TulAmmo .223REM 55GR FMJ 1000 Round Case


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Tulammo is ammo from the famous Tula factory in Russia. The Tula Cartridge Works, founded in 1880, is one of the most significant world producers of small-arms ammunition. Unique and exceptional production traditions lasting for more than 125 years.

If you are a high volume shooter this is the ammo for you. The cartridge .223 REM is used for sport shooting and hunting through bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles and carbines. The cartridge keeps its qualities under various climatic and weather conditions independent of the season and at a temperature from – 20 to + 50 C. Full Metal Jacket. Spheroid powder, they are noncorrosive, with smooth-cycling. The phosphate polymer coating cartridge case is bottled-shaped with non-projecting flange and made of steel.


– Caliber: 223 Remington
– Bullet Weight: 55 Grains
– Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
– Casing Material: Steel with Phosphate Polymer Coating
– Quantity: 1000 Rounds

Ballistics Information:

– Muzzle Velocity: 3241 fps


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