FFL Handgun / NFA Transfers

  • Basic FFL Transfer fee – $30
  • NFA Transfer fee – $60
  • $10 Discount with South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit – Valid ID Required
  • Use this form to get your FFL / NFA Transfer started. Make sure to use a valid phone and email so I can contact you for further instructions.

FFL Transfer Requests

Please fill out the form below so that we are aware of your incoming firearm transfer.

If you are not able to legally possess a firearm, please do not complete your purchase. You will be required to pass a NICS background check, which is required by law to be performed for every transfer.

FFL Transfer Terms and Conditions:

  • Pick-Up: Once we receive your firearm and have logged the necessary information, we will contact you to arrange pickup. Please wait to be contacted before coming to complete the transfer.
  • You must be 18 years or older to purchase a long gun. Long guns can be transferred to a resident of any state provided that the transfer is legal in both the purchaser’s state and the state in which the transfer is taking place.
  • You must be 21 years or older to purchase a handgun or lower receiver and a legal resident in the state of SC.

NOTE: If you are a resident of a state other than South Carolina and transferring a long gun, you may complete your firearm transfer with us as long  as the transfer is legal in both your home state and SC.  If you are a resident of a state other than South Carolina and you are purchasing a handgun or receiver, then you will need to arrange to ship your firearm to a FFL Dealer in your home state.

  • The firearm MUST BE picked up by the person that made the purchase. You cannot have a family member or friend pick it up for you. 
  • Bring a valid Government-issued Photo ID with your current address. If your ID does not have your current address on it, you will need to bring in an additional valid government (city, county, state or federal) issued document with your name and current address on it. Acceptable documents include a vehicle registration, a fishing or hunting license, a voter identification card, a tax bill or utilities bill.
  • Bring the transfer fee in cash. 
  • Sales Taxes: South Carolina Sales Tax is included in the Transfer Fees.
  • Background Checks: Form 4473 is required to be fill out at the time the firearm is picked up as well as a NICS background check will be performed.
  • If you are denied for any reason, we will help in any way to assist with a return if that option is available (Some sellers have a no return policy).  You will be responsible for the cost of postage to return the firearm to the original owner as well as the $30 transfer fee.  If the option to return is not available, we reserve the right to sell your firearm and keep any of the proceeds from that sale.
  • If you possess a valid SC Concealed Handgun License you may present that in lieu of undergoing a NICS background check. You will still have to fill out a Form 4473, but we can skip the NICS check.
  • In accordance with the Child Safety Lock Act of 2005, all handguns must include a “secure gun storage or safety device” before leaving the shop. If your firearm was not shipped with a lock, please bring a lockable case or gun lock (trigger lock or cable lock) with you, or you can purchase a lock from us for $10. 
  • The customer will be expected to pick up their transfer within 10 days of being contacted.
  • After 10 days, if the transfer has not been picked up the customer will be assessed a daily storage fee of $10/day beginning on the 11th day, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • After 30 days, if the firearm has not been picked up, the firearm will be considered abandoned and it will be absorbed into store stock with no expectation of any further compensation to the customer, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Returned or Cancelled Transfers: Customer is responsible for all return shipping charges should they wish to cancel and return a firearm to a seller.
  • Palmetto Reliance LLC will not be held liable for any defects, damage, or malfunctions of firearms transferred, Incoming or Outgoing. This is between the buyer and seller.
  • Palmetto Reliance LLC complies with ALL Local, State, and Federal laws. It is your responsibility to be aware of any Federal, State, or Local laws affecting your transfer.
  • Palmetto Reliance LLC reserves the right to deny the transfer of any firearm to anyone for any reason.



FFL Transfer Info
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